Monday, September 7, 2009

Quarantine, and After

When I'm sick I take up so much of my time.

This weekend I fell into such a state, and subsequently did nothing noteworthy between the hours of 15:00 on Friday and 8:30 this morning, with the exception of learning to cook.

That's right. The  Cucumber Queen has gone where no one--actually, where many people have gone before. Not only did I boil gluten-free pasta, lentils, and asparagus, I learned how to turn on the stove!

Seriously, though, the buttons on that thing are highly vexing. I spent almost fifteen minutes just turning it on and watching it turn off again, not knowing that it was in lock mode. Fortunately, the guy in whose presence I had dropped part of the cucumber referred to in my last post saw my struggle and valiantly came to my aid. I subsequently became acquainted with the oven.

I took a picture of myself eating an egg. There's not much else you can do for sightseeing in times like these. I shall refrain from posting it, however, in hopes that my new camera will arrive soon (that's why there haven't been any pictures!)

Anyway, I de-quarantined myself in time for class this morning--we had a test in my Current Trends in News Media class--and felt much better as the day went on. It was a rare sunny day, and quite warm. Walking to my bus station, no longer conscious of finding my way around the city I felt almost--Danish.

I took the bus home, as usual, and, as usual, there was a baby stroller on board. The difference this time was that said baby, young enough to not have any teeth, was pushing whole slices of bread into his mouth at once. Each slice would fill his cheeks. I laughed, and so did the other people near the baby. It was a nice communal moment that took place outside language. Sometimes this is what study abroad is all about.

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