Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Vague Account of the First Week

I couldn't find sleep on the plane. It wasn't in the surprisingly hearty rolls or even in the red wine. I didn't find it in the episode of Bones that repeated every hour, and not even in the lulling Bergman surrealist drama Fanny and Alexander.  

I've been in KĂžbenhavn (pronounced Kew-bin-hawn) since Sunday, and have picked up some sleep here and there between the smorgasbord of activities that pervaded my first week at DIS.  

I picked up a whole bushel of it last night, causing me to miss the boat trip and welcoming party. The first week really is exhausting!  

That's not to say that it hasn't been enjoyable. Yes, I'm intimidated by the number of Danes in my kitchen at the moment, but at least I have someone to inform me that I'm about to throw my garbage under the sink.  

I'm a student in the CMM program, but I'm a Film Studies major back at home. All my professors, Danish or American, really know their stuff, but my favorite class so far is The Literature of Ice and Snow, the first day of which we addressed our preconceptions of the words "North" "Ice" and "Snow". We considered semiotics, denotation, and connotation, and I'm really excited to read Smilla's Sense of Snow, which is a Danish modern classic that explores the postcolonial relationship between Denmark and Greenland. It's also a murder mystery, and I'm a pretty big fan of that genre!  

More later. I'm going to figure out how to cook some beans!

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  1. My kitchen could use some Danes. Send them over here.

    If you go by the Shakespearean Theorem of Danish Living, the majority of them should be gone by the third act, anyway.